Robert Doverman

Created by Lamont Turner

ROBERT DOVERMAN is a private eye who’s appeared seemingly out of nowhere, in a splatter of short, bloody stories that aren’t afraid to toss a little gore’n’horror into the mix.

He has an office, but he had no luck hiring a hot babe secretary, and so makes do with Steve, his receptionist, handyman, and all-around go-to guy–he was the only one who answered the ad.

His creator is Lamont Turner, a New Orleans-area author whose work has appeared recently in such print and online publications as Serial, Jitter, The Realm Beyond and Crimeucopia. He is the father of two boys and two girls.


  •  “Wishing Star” (November 2019, Jitter #8)
  • “Concrete Bimbo” (2021, Crimeucopia: We’re All Animals Under The Skin)
  • “Sleight Of Hand” (May 2021, Bewildering Stories)
  • “Between The Rain Drops” (May 2021, Terror House)
  • “A Bad Place To Be” (June 2021, Yellow Mama)
  • “Each Day That I Die” (2021, Dark Dossier #60)
  • “All The Love You Can Handle For A Dollar” (2021, Mystery Weekly)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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