Thompson Heller Detective Interstellar

Created by Milton Lawson and Dave Chisholm (art)

Some people call him the Space Cowboy…

A tumbler of Johnnie Walker Black  in hand, a Davidoff gasper in his maw, and perennially in need of a shave, party dude, cosmic slacker and avowed atheist THOMPSON HELLER is an intergalactic gumshoe, ready to roll, especially if the cause–or the pay–is right.

He favours progressive causes, but in a universe of religious zealots, android civil rights activists, rebel robots, invisible rivers, electro-sword wielding assassins and multiple temptations of the flesh, sometimes he just has to go with his gut.

And that’s usually where the trouble starts…

Imagine if Ron Goulart took over Shell Scott, and launched him into space, and you’re in the right orbit. And the razzle-dazzle art of Dave Chisolm, all bright colours and clean lines, filled with world-building nuance and detail, will assure you that you’re not in Kansas anymore.


    (2020, Source Point Press)
    3 issues
    Written by Milton Lawson
    Art by Dave Chisholm


  • THOMPSON HELLER DETECTIVE INTERSTELLAR Buy the comic | Kindle/ComiXology it!
    (2021, Source Point Press)
    Written by Milton Lawson
    Art by Dave Chisholm
    Collects all three issues.
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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