Keats, Moses Mosaic, Archie Flock & Caddy Cello (The Navigator Kids)

Created by Christopher Radke

For those of you who miss The Three Investigators, (with or without Alfred Hitchcock), Christopher Radke may have come up with a thoroughly modern solution: THE NAVIGATOR KIDS, a sly and far grittier update on the kid-run detective agency. Forget the Scooby-style “ghosts,” secrets passages, haunted mansions and Jupiter Jones’ World Almanac, and welcome to  real-life crimes, corruption, social media and a street level worldview that notes a cop at a crime scene “taking a piss behind the metal dumpster across the street.”

This ain’t no fooling around.

The author cautions, aimed at an audience a little older and jaded than most of the books and series listed on my Kiddie Pulp page. “It’s at least 14 and up. It’s very dark. There’s lots of violence, cussing, adult themes. Really it’s for high schoolers and adults.”

Crime-obsessed rich kid KEATS is the brains of the outfit and gets to narrate, and he’s joined by his best friend MOSES MOSAIC, a computer whiz. Rounding out the Navigators team are ARCHIE FLOCK, and CADDY CELLO.  They meet weekly in Moses’ basement hideaway which they’ve dubbed “The Pseudo,” where they comb the web for local crimes, hoping to make a difference.

But may work pro bono, but they ain’t fooling around, eitherthey even dish out business cards that announce them as “Mystery Solvers.”


At the age of ten, Christopher Radke sold his first short story, “Terror Station,” to the internet magazine, Every Saturday. Since then, Christopher has written numerous mystery stories. He currently lives and writes in Virginia, where he was born and bred.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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