Mysterious Profiles

Biographical Quickies from Mysterious Press/Open Road

A gimmick, for sure, but an intriguing one.

Launched in April 2022, this series of digital quickies from MysteriousPress/Open Road, available on Kindle. Nook, Kobo, etc., offers a new spin on self-promotion: short but in-depth takes (30-40 digital pages) on beloved fictional detectives, written by the authors themselves.

Some are actual profiles, some are detail-loaded short stories, some are “interviews.” But they all offer new insights into what makes these bestselling sleuths tick, where their creators got the idea for them, where they’ve been or where they’re going. That sorta thing. The same thing, in fact, that I’ve tried to do on this site, but pumped up and with the added advantage of coming straight from the authors’ mouths.

Not that all the pieces were originals written for this series—many are taken from previously published sources. But if you like this site, you’ll probably get a kick out of these.

And you can bet, this being from MysteriousPress/Open Road, that plenty of the detectives (about half, at this point) are private eyes or P.I.-adjacent, including:

Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.


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