Charles Stubblefield

Created by D.H. Reddall

CHARLES STUBBLEFIELD is a Cape Cod P.I with a bit of heft to him, and a reputation for being tough and tenacious. He appeared in a string of slightly-more-hardboiled-than-usual short stories in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine… and even one right in these pages.

A history buff, Charles grew up on the Cape, and he knows his way around, whether he’s sitting in a sailboat or a waterfront dive. After stints in Vietnam and as a carpenter, he’s more or less settled down. He drives a rusty Toyota and has a couple of guns, but he rarely carries either. There’s a touch of world-weariness, almost Chandleresque at times, that adds something special to these tales. Watch out for them.


  • “Backfire” (September 1992, AHMM)
  • “Foursome” (July 1996, AHMM)
  • “Skin Game” (January 1999, AHMM)
  • “Red Shift” (March 2006, AHMM)
  • “With One Eye Open” (Summer 2006, Thrilling Detective Web Site)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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