John Corey

Created by Nelson DeMille Pseudonyms include Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner, Ellen Kay and Brad Matthews (1943--) Spy or eye? JOHN COREY is not, strictly speaking, a private eye. But using the same slightly loosened criteria afforded Dave Robicheaux and a few others on this site, he deserves consideration here by virtue of the wiseass, irreverent, … Continue reading John Corey

Smokey Annicelli

Created by Ralph Pezzullo Another POD eye, back when that was the way for self-publishers to go. And so, in 2003, Ralph Pezzullo we were givenĀ Eve Missing. Grit was promised. It featured a disgraced, washed-up NYPD cop, TONY "SMOKEY" ANNICELLI. He was a man with a troubled past and a not-so-great present, who was hired … Continue reading Smokey Annicelli