Howard the Duck (aka Howard Duckson)

Created by Steve Gerber & Val Mayerik (art) 'Trapped In a World He Never Made!' -- the most-used tagline In the metafictional Marvel Universe, HOWARD THE DUCK (real name Howard Dickson) looms large. A cranky, cigar-smoking, foul-tempered (or should that be fowl-tempered?) anthropomorphic duck from the planet Duckworld who finds himself trapped on Earth, Howard's … Continue reading Howard the Duck (aka Howard Duckson)

El Ape & Deadbeat Sleeze (The Sleeze Brothers)

Created by John Carnell & Andy Lanning "There's an old private eye saying that goes like this 'Keep yer ears open, yer eyes peeled, yer nose clean and the rest of ya full of beer." CAN YOU imagine the bastard offspring of The Blues Brothers and Blade Runner in comic form? If you can, congratulations, … Continue reading El Ape & Deadbeat Sleeze (The Sleeze Brothers)

1X, 2X & 3X (The Three Xs)

Created by Robert O. Erisman (text) and Newt Alfred (art) "Baloney!" --3X pretty much sums it up Is this where Marvel's X-Men came from? Except the THREE Xs weren't a bunch of mutant bozos in desperate need of group therapy--they were  a team of Baltimore-based private eyes who first appeared in Mystic Comics #1 back in 1940, … Continue reading 1X, 2X & 3X (The Three Xs)

Sian Holt (Star Wars: The High Republic)

Created by Daniel José Older and David Wachter Well, it had to happen... The Star Wars universe has, as far as I can tell, finally unveiled its very first private investigator. SIAN HOLT  is a high-priced space shamus who operates during the so-called High Republic Era, which takes place about two hundred years before the events … Continue reading Sian Holt (Star Wars: The High Republic)

Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man)

Created by Len Wein, Chris Claremontand John Buscema JAMIE MADROX was another of Marvel's attempts to create a private eye/superhero hybrid. He first appeared in bit parts mostly, hanging out in various X-books, as Multiple Man, a mutant born with the rather peculiar ability to create endless autonomous duplicates of himself;  essentially clones to whom he … Continue reading Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man)

Luke Cage

Created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr. "I ain't about the tights and shit..." -- Cage on why the tiara is gone, in Alias #1 A working class hero is something to be... When LUKE CAGE made his debut in Luke Cage: Hero for Hire in 1972, he was the first African-American superhero to … Continue reading Luke Cage

Rocky Jorden

Created by (unknown) "Things began to happen fast! Shots went off and I felt a searing pain in my left arm! Vaguely, I saw the punk collapse with a death rattle in his throat." -- typical hard-boiled prose, right from Rocky's mouth. Now here's a blast from the past! It's another short-lived attempt to bring … Continue reading Rocky Jorden

Skip McCoy

Created by Allen Bellman One of the earliest private eyes in what would become the Marvel Universe, SKIP McCOY (aka "Detective Skip McCoy") may have been, at best, a minor footnote in comic book history, but he sure got around. We know he was a detective, but he seemed to conveniently fluctuate between working for … Continue reading Skip McCoy

Leslie Lenrow (aka “The Ferret”)

Created by Irwin Hasen & Stockridge Winslow LESLIE "THE FERRET" LENROW is an early private eye character from Marvel Comics way back in 1940, in an issue of Marvel Mystery Comics. According to the comics, he's a "well-known author and private investigator" who lives in Greenwich Village. Unlike most of the other heroes (The Human Torch, Electro, The … Continue reading Leslie Lenrow (aka “The Ferret”)

Dominic Fortune

Created by Howard Chaykin Poor Marvel. Try as they might, they can't seem to lose the spandex. Whereas eternal rivals DC seem to have the sleuthing gene built right in their corporate DNA (DC, after all, stands for "Detective Comics"), Marvel has always struggled to come up with a credible crime or detective comic. Like, … Continue reading Dominic Fortune