Sian Holt (Star Wars: The High Republic)

Created by Daniel José Older and David Wachter

Well, it had to happen…

The Star Wars universe has, as far as I can tell, finally unveiled its very first private investigator.

SIAN HOLT  is a high-priced space shamus who operates during the so-called High Republic Era, which takes place about two hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace–the “first” Star Wars film, chronologically.

“The High Republic?” you ask.

Don’t sweat it–you didn’t miss something. The whole idea of the High Republic was cobbled together by the beankeepers at Disney as a way to continue milking the Star Wars franchise, allowing them to create whole new characters and adventures for television shows, books, comics, action figures, T-shirts, pajamas and whatever else they can think of without tromping all over what’s (more or less) become established Star Wars lore.

Sian, red of hair, short of temper and quick with a blaster, makes her first appearance in the 2021 Marvel comic Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail Of Shadow mini-series, making its debut in October 2021. She’s called in by Chancellor Lina Soh of the Galactic Republic to conduct a shadow investigation into the suspicious death of a Jedi Master, which may have severe repercussions for the entire order, and for the fragile era of peace and prosperity that the Jedis and the Republic have achieved. Meanwhile, Jedi Investigator Emerick Caphtor (also making his debut), is conducting the official investigation.

Suffice it to say Caphtor, who’s already going through something of a crisis of faith, is not exactly overjoyed to find out he has a partner–especially when he discovers Sian doesn’t necessarily play well with others, and may have troublesome personal connections to the case.

Still, it could be an interesting angle. I’m no Star Wars geek, but I loved the original trilogy of films (especially The Empire Strikes Back, co-written by Leigh Brackett), and have mostly enjoyed–although occasionally been pissed off by–some of the spin-offs. But the idea of injecting some actual detective work into the franchise is an idea that might be fun, and opens up all sorts of possible stories.

I mean, if they can have bounty hunters Boba Fett and The Mandalorian zipping back and forth through hyperspace chasing intergalactic bail jumpers, why not some space shamus going down those mean skies, tracking down missing kids, straying spouses and Wookie embezzlers?

Even better, though, is that Marvel promises a “noir-style murder mystery,” and that events in the series will tie-in directly to several upcoming Star Wars novels.

Star Wars? And private eyes? This could be the start of a beautiful friendship…


    (2021, Marvel Comics)
    Written by Daniel José Older
    Art by Dave Wachter, David López


  • October 27, 2021
    THE BOTTOM LINE: It had to happen: Star Wars finally gets it’s own private eye! A dead Jedi? Sian may not necessarily play well with others, but she sure knows which end of a blaster to use.
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton smith. Pictured is a variant cover above by artist Ario Anindito featuring Sian holt and Emerick Caphtor.

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