Fernlight & Bramble (The HOP-D Cases)

Created by P A Wilson

Down these mean streets a fairy must flit?

Here we go again… another fantasy/private eye hybrid.

This time out, it’s FERNLIGHT, a sprite intent on running her own detective agency. Her partner is BRAMBLE, a not-too-swift but fiercely loyal fairy, winged and three foot tall, and together they set out to make things right in a world that looks, uh, surprisingly like ours.

Well, except that magic is real, and that humans are not only aware of all the sprites, fairies, wizards and the like lurking in their midst, but tend to scapegoat them for everything that goes wrong–when they’re not trying to use them for their own personal and financial gain.

Sound familiar?

Billed as “The HOP-D Cases Trilogy” and described as an “urban fantasy mystery series,” they’re the product of P A Wilson, who has over 30 novels under her belt, including mystery/thrillers, science fiction, fantasy and even a few romances.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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