Wrestling Dicks

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up... Tom Bethany by Jerome Doolittle El Borbah by Charles Burns Mike O'Dell by Roger Torrey Sonambulo by Rafael Navarro Eva Wylie by Liza Cody Preliminary list compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Beware the tag team of Pluck and So.

Sonambulo (aka Salomon Lopez)

Created by Rafael Navarro When the going gets weird, who ya gonna call? How about a masked Mexican wrestler turned Twilight Zone gumshoe? Combining the quirky-mondo tradition of pulp magazine private eyes, and the Mexican legend of Santos, plus a slew of cheapo midnight horror movies, comic book superheroes, and a healthy dab of Will … Continue reading Sonambulo (aka Salomon Lopez)

Mike O’Dell

Created by Roger Torrey (1901-46) MIKE O'DELL was a former wrestler turned bodyguard in four short stories written by pulpmeister Roger Torrey. SHORT STORIES "Beginner's Luck" (January 1935, Black Mask) "Win - Place - and Show" (May 1935, Black Mask) "Nose Trouble" (July 1935, Black Mask) "Too Much Action" (July 1936, Black Mask) RELATED LINKS … Continue reading Mike O’Dell

Eva Wylie

Created by Liza Cody "I'll give you some advice for free. If you set out to be a baddie in this life don't count on any applause." Make no mistake. EVA WYLIE's no trim, petite female California-tanned gumshoe with a cute little turned-up nose, dressed in a smart little ensemble, waiting around for some cop … Continue reading Eva Wylie