Ace Edwards

Created by Randy Rawls

Big hat, no cattle? Or the real deal?

ARTHUR CONAN EDWARDS (that’s just “Ace” to his friends) has been around. He may carry his heart on his sleeve at times, but he also carries a gun in his boot. He’s been a husband and a cop. But after an early retirement, and a messy divorce, he’s happy just being an affable Dallas private eye, making a living (most of the time) chasing cheating husbands and wives, and doing the things a man’s gotta do. Oh, and wearing a cowboy hat.

He must be an amiable guy. Besides his two travelling companions, a couple of cats named Sweeper and Striker, he seems to always be running into old pals, no matter where he travels.

In fact, although he has a P.I. license, Ace often ends up usually working for old friends, often against his better judgement.

In Jake’s Burn (2001), it’s a friend from the small Texas town where he grew up, and in Joseph’s Kidnapping (2002), it’s an old college football buddy who’s in desparate need. In his latest, Jade’s Photos (2003), he does actually have a stranger for a client, but he ends up working the case with Kit Levitt, a (female) fellow P.I. from Dallas and Ace’s close (you guessed it) friend.

So far, Ace has appeared in three easy-going adventures, self-published by Randy Rawls, who seems to be developing a solid fan base. Rawls is a retired U.S. Army officer, and a former native of Williamston, NC, a small town in the northeastern part of the state. He’s currently a member of the Mystery Writers of America and the Western Writers of America, and lives in South Florida.

A fourth book, Jingle’s Christmas (2004), marks a departure of sorts. Not only was it by another publisher, but it’s a rather whimsical Christmas tale which has Ace attempting to recover some stolen toys for one of Santa’s elves.

No, really…

Since then, the series has continued with a couploe of more adventures featuring Ace, and the author has introduced a couple of Florida eyes, Beth Bowman, and Tom Jeffries.


  • Jake’s Burn is full of action, adventure, love, and murder, all intertwined with the wittiest humor you can imagine. Mr. Rawls will have you sitting on the edge of your chair one minute, and the next rolling on the floor laughing your head off. … I totally recommend Jake’s Burn to everyone. It is a story you can’t miss, by an author you won’t want to miss. Now or in the future. Mr. Rawls is around to stay for a very long time, and I don’t plan to miss one word that he writes. And neither should you.”
    — Sue Hartigan,
  • Joseph’s Kidnapping is absolutely fantastic. The story is full of fast suspense, humor, and reads smoothly without a confusing plot. All told from Jake’s point of view. You soon come to the last pages and don’t even realize that you have been reading all that time… Mr. Rawls is around to stay for a very long time, and I don’t plan to miss one word that he writes.”
    — Sue Hartigan,



  • Books by Randy Rawls
    The author’s official web site. Includes a manly picture of the author himself in his cowboy hat.
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