Charity Deacon

Created by P.A. Wilson

“I’m a P.I. I know that sounds cool and dangerous, but mostly it’s just seedy. Every now and then I feel like just chucking it all in, but then someone asks me for my help and I get back in the groove. When I’m in the groove, I follow wandering spouses, dig into employee’s finances and occasionally track down a missing person.”
— please allow Charity to introduce herself, from Hubris (2014)

CHARITY DEACON is a rookie P.I. working the streets of Vancouver, B.C., who makes up in bullheadedness and idealism what she lacks in experience.

P.A. Wilson, even when it turns out that the “P” stands for Perry, is still not a dude, but she is the author of over thirty books.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. |

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