Ryan DeMarco

Created by Randall Silvis

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Randall Silvis’ series detective RYAN DeMARCO has been put through the emotional wringer–his first private eye novel, An Occasional Hell, was no cakewalk for the dick either.

For the first three misery-drenched books in the series, the Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant carries a world of hurt on his shoulders, with cases he’s assigned turned ever nastier, more disturbing and ever more personal, with even women and children are not spared–particularly if they’re part of DeMarco’s life. And so, by the time the fourth novel, No Woods So Dark as These (2020), rolls around, perhaps it’s no surprise that DeMarco has left the police department.

But it is surprising that almost immediately, he and his girlfriend, Jayme Marson, also a State cop turned P.I., agree to consult with the police on a particularly gruesome case–the discovery of three mutilated corpses found in the local woods.

The author is an American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and teacher. He was born in Pennsylvania, he was educated at Clarion University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and In 2008, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters from Indiana University of Pennsylvania for his distinguished literary accomplishments. Both An Occasional Hell (featuring P.I. Ernest DeWalt) and Two Days Gone (featuring Ryan DeMarco) were finalists for the Hammett Prize for literary excellence in crime writing from the International Association of Crime writers, and two of his short stories were nominated for a Pushcart Award.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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