Lennox Cooper

Created by Lily Gardner

Evidently, Portland, Oregon police detective LENNOX COOPER didn’t get the memo: You don’t shit where you eat. And you don’t fuck where you work.

When we meet her in A Bitch Called Hope (2013), it’s been a year since an affair with a married fellow officer got her turfed from the Portland Police. Now she’s trying to make a go of it as a private investigator, but so far all she’s landed are routine, petty stuff like surveillance gigs.

That is, until a wealthy local developer gets whacked…

It was a promising kickoff to as proposed series, and so far it’s been followed by 2016’s Betting Blind and 2018’s All In.

Good stuff.


  • “A Bitch Called Hope is a well crafted mystery novel with a heroine you can root for, plenty of action and a satisfying ending. I’m looking forward to the next Lennox Cooper novel.”
    — Phillip Margolin
  • “A noir with heart. Poker-playing ex-cop Lennox Cooper joins the sorority of lonesome gumshoes. Beware, it’s hard to put down.”
    — Cara Black



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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