Lennox Cooper

Created by Lily Gardner Evidently, Portland, Oregon police detective LENNOX COOPER didn't get the memo: You don't shit where you eat. And you don't fuck where you work. When we meet her in A Bitch Called Hope (2013), it's been a year since an affair with a married fellow officer got her turfed from the Portland … Continue reading Lennox Cooper

Kelly Pruett

Created by Mary Keliikoa "Portland, Oregon has as many parts as the human anatomy. Like the  body, some are more attractive than others." Add Portland, Oregon's KELLY PRUETT to the small but ever-growing pool of Mom P.I.s. In a genre where so many protagonists are apparently incapable of reproduction, despite active (or even hyper-active) sex … Continue reading Kelly Pruett

Billie Bly

Created by Don Weston A series of breezy, lightweight, straight-to-Kindle novels about BILLIE BLY, an ex-cop turned tough eye from Portland who comes with a complicated backstory (Boyfriends! Brothers! Exploding garbage!), a startling lack of social skills, and her very own psychic to help her sort it all out. After living in Portland, Oregon for … Continue reading Billie Bly

Garrison Gage

Created by Jack Nolte Pseudonym of Scott William Carter Beat up, knocked down and pretty much totally physically and emotionally shredded after the murder of his wife, New York private eye GARRISON GAGE leaves it all behind, and settles in the small coastal town of Barnacle Bluffs, Oregon, intent on nothing more than recuperating from … Continue reading Garrison Gage

Maddie Hughes/Maddie Frost

Created by Bruce Holland Rogers Pseudonyms include Hanovi Braddock (1958--) MADDIE HUGHES has appeared only in two short stories to date, but changed her name in between. In the first, "Hollywood Considered As a Seal Point in the Sun" (1994), Maddie, originally from the Midwest, is living in Los Angeles, where she'd moved to become … Continue reading Maddie Hughes/Maddie Frost

Cal Claxton

Created by Warren C. Easley CAL CLAXTON is a former LA prosecutor and widower who now runs a small law office in Portland's "Old City" which he's dubbed Café Central. But all in all he'd rather be fishing for rainbow. Or drinking wine. Or just chilling in the old farmhouse he owns high up in … Continue reading Cal Claxton

Dex Parios

Created by Greg Rucka "I don't suppose we can talk about this?" -- Dex tries to charm two thugs who've driven her to a deserted spot to kill her. Talk about a losing streak. All DEXEDRINE "DEX" CALLISTO PARIOS, the sole operative of Portland's Stumptown Investigations, has to worry about is her gambling jones, the … Continue reading Dex Parios