It’s a Family Affair…

Down these mean steeets a man (or a woman) must go… along with a spouse, maybe a son or daughter, a couple of siblings, possbly a few grandkids, and a few in-laws…

Family-Owned Detective Agencies

  • The Lunghis by Michael Z. Lewin
    Papa Lunghi (father), Mama Lunghi (mother), Salvatore Lunghi (son), Angelo Lunghi (son), Rosetta Lunghi (daughter), Gina Lunghi (daughter-in-law), Marie Lunghi (granddaughter), David Lunghi (grandson).
  • The Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
    Albert Spellman (father), Olivia Spellman (mother), Ray Spellman (brother), David Spellman (son), Izzy Spellman (daughter), Rae Spellman (daughter)
  • The Doyles by Allan Hawco, Perry Chafe & Malcolm MacRury
    Malachy Doyle (father), Jake Doyle (son), Rose Doyle (Malachy’s wife), Tinny Doyle (granddaughter), Des Courtney (apprentice)
  • The Faradays by Ken Pettus
    Frank Faraday (father), Steve Faraday (son)
  • The Skelfs by Doug Johnstone
    Dorothy Skelf (mother), Jenny Skelf (daughter), Hannah Skelf (granddaughter)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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