Are You Trying to Be Funny?

The Funniest Eyes

No, really. Call it “Humour in a Severed Jugular Vein,” if you must, but people have been poking fun at the P.I. genre — and the whole mystery genre, for that matter — almost as soon as it appeared. But there were a few brave souls over the years who dared to suggest that murder itself just might also be funny…

Below are a few characters who weren’t necessarily making fun of the genre–they just wanted to have fun with it.

Of course, just as sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s supposed to be parody and what isn’t, it’s also hard to suss what’s supposed to be funny and what’s just hilariously bad writing. A case could be made that people like Robert Leslie Bellem and Richard Prather were intentionally parodying the genre (among other things) and not just having fun with it. But all the following were definitely having a laugh at the genre’s expense, and deliberately trying to be funny (I think)…

List respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Any comments, additions or suggestions are welcome.

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