Philip Macadam

Created by Hillary Waugh
Pseudonyms include Elissa Grandower, H. Baldwin Taylor, Harry Walker. 

Best known for his police procedurals, Hillary Waugh also found the time to create a handful of memorable private eyes, including PHILIP MACADAM, a traditional NYC gumshoe who only makes one appearance, in 1958’s The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

In this passable tale, nineteen-year-old hottie Patty Merchant approaches Macadam because she fears she’s being followed. He sees right through her and doesn’t listen the next time she calls for help. When she ends up kidnapped, Philip tries to string along the kidnappers long enough to find and rescue her.

By the way, the spiffy cover of the 1958 Dell paperback (eyes left) was done by legendary cover artist Robert McGinnis.


A past president of the MWA, Waugh grew up in New Haven, Connecticutt and eventually attended Yale. While at college he boxed and led the chess team. Among his other private investigators are tough guy private dick Simon Kaye, who appeared in six books, and millionaire gumshoe Sheridan Wesley who first showed up in If I Live to Dine (1947) and went on to appear in two more novels. In his long career, Waugh has also used the pen names of Elissa Grandower, H. Baldwin Taylor and Harry Walker. He was named Grand Master of the Mystery Novel by the Swedish Academy of Detection, in 1989 he was named Grand Master by the MWA and has authored several books on the writing of crime fiction, including the Edgar nominated: Hillary Waugh’s Guide to Mysteries & Mystery Writing.


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