My Scrapbook: “Pursuit” by Leslie Peterson Sapp

My Scrapbook
by Leslie Peterson Sapp

The Portland-based artist, Leslie Peterson Sapp, who draws inspiration from film noir and German Expressionism, ponders her own work:

“She glances out the back window at a waiting yellow taxi. Who is it that pursues her and why?”

To which I might add:

“Hey! Who’s the dude in the doorway? Is she actually being followed? Maybe the guy—if it is a guy—isn’t following her at all—maybe he’s simply going into the store for a little late night “shopping.” Maybe she’s being paranoid? Maybe she’s even mentally unstable?  Or maybe she’s the one tailing him, spying on a suspect or an ex-lover from the back seat of a parked car? And why are the cars parked on the left-hand side of the street, anyway? Are we in England?”

As always, there’s no “right” answer to the questions raised by this moody, evocative nightscape, but that’s always the case when you walk on the end of the street..



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Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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