My Scrapbook: “Circle Mirror” by Leslie Peterson Sapp

My Scrapbook
“Circle Mirror”
by Leslie Peterson Sapp

“Bathed in deep green hues, a person of ambiguous gender is buttoning their shirt. In the background, seen in an art deco style circular mirror, a voluptuous woman stands, silhouetted in the doorway, her shadow casting far across the floor.”

That’s what the artist, noir-inspired Oregon artist Leslie Peterson Sapp, has to say about it. 

Me? There’s nothing particularly crimonious about it, and yet there’s no denying the ominous tension between the two in the scene. Is the one at the mirror dressing? Or undressing? Did they just make love? Break up? Or possibly commit murder? Or are they about to?

As with almost all of Leslie’s work, there are few answers. But plenty of questions are spinning around this doomy pas de deux.


    (36×36, Acrylic on wood panel)
    Available from the RiverSea Gallery


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    This site’s profile/interview with the artist
  • Leslie Peterson Sapp: My Art Tells a Story
    The artist’s official web site, with an impressive gallery of her work, musings on noir and more.
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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