Ronni Brilliant (The Chimera Chronicles)

Created by Rob Jung
Pseudonym of Robert Junghans

Author Rob Jung collaborated with writer and activist Ellie Krug on his 2021 novel The Sower,  the second book in his Chimera Chronicles trilogy, in which he introduced transgender private eye VERONICA “RONNI” BRILLIANT.

A post-op ex-Marine still struggling with her own sexuality, she and her colleagues at the Minneapolis-based Monet Detective Agency must also deal with a five-year-old unsolved murder of Lorraine Blethen; her grandson, struggling artist Hamilton Blethan (their client and still the only suspect), David Metzger (a U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts with a major secret to hide), Magnolia Kanaranzi (a Senatorial candidate with a few secrets of her own) and Spanish artist Joan Miro’s The Reaper, a recently sold painting that might—or might not–be a forgery. (The actual painting either disappeared or was stolen in 1937, and remains at large to this day).

Ronniand the other members of the Monet Detective Agency, Holly Bouquet and psychic Carrie Waters, were introduced at the end of The Reaper , but they play a major part in The Sower, although they don’t really play a part in the third book, Judgment Day (2023).

The Chimera Chronicles follow the fictionalized events revolving around the alleged reappearance of Miro’s The Reaper, and although there are suggestions that the three books can be read as standalones, together they form a captivating tale, following Hamilton Blethen and his attempts to find out the truth behind his grandmother’s murder, his estranged mother’s disappearance and the fate of Miro’s painting.


Rob Jung (actually Robert Jungans) grew up in Trempealeau, Wisconsin before attending college at Winona State University in Minnesota While at Winona State, he began his writing career, working as a sports writer for the Winona Daily News, and then as the Editor-In-Chief of The Winonan, the Winona State student newspaper during the 1968-69 school year. He moved onto Harvard Law School, where he obtained his law degree, but returned to writing in 2006. “I knew [that] I knew how to write, what I didn’t know was I had no clue how to write fiction,” he said. His first novel, Cloud Warriors, was published in 2019. Jung is a member of The Loft Literary Society, Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and is the founder and producer of Minnesota Mystery Night. Still a practicing lawyer, he is married, and has lived in the Twin Cities since 1972.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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