Lesley Shane

Created by Conrad Frost & Oliver Passingham Before Honey West, before Ms. Tree and Kinsey and V.I. and Lisbeth and all the rest, there was LESLEY SHANE, written by Conrad Frost and drawn by British artist Oliver Passingham. A savvy, competent private eye doing what had to be done, right there in public for all to see in … Continue reading Lesley Shane

Romeo Brown

Created by Alfred “Maz” Mazure From out of Great Britain came the cheeky comic strip misadventures of ROMEO BROWN, an elegant, dashing young private eye (and charmingly inept ladies man) whose clients—wouldn’t you know it?—were invariably young, totally gorgeous women, all of whom seemed more than willing to be seduced by Romeo's charms. He solved … Continue reading Romeo Brown

My Scrapbook: The Last Three Dick Hammers

My ScrapbookThe Last Three Dick HammersWritten and drawn by Chris Wisnia  Hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, crotch-scratching DICK HAMMER is a private skulk working the web comic mean streets of Crude Bay, Southern California, written and drawn by Chris Wisnia. He first popped up in 2004 in Dick Hammer: Conservative Republican Private Investigator, a regular back-up feature in Tabloia Weekly Magazine (which … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Last Three Dick Hammers

My Scrapbook: The Encyclopedia Brown Comic Strip

My ScrapbookThe Encyclopedia Brown Comic Strip(1978-80, Universal Press Syndicate)   I was more of a Hardy Boys and Three Investigators guy myself, but there’s no doubt that for many followers of this site that Donald J. Sobol’s Encyclopedia Brown was their gateway drug to crime and detective fiction.  Eventually numbering twenty-nine volumes, the series was … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Encyclopedia Brown Comic Strip

My Scrapbook: The Shaft Comic Strip

My ScrapbookThe Shaft Comic Strip(Ernest Tidyman Productions, 1972) Can you dig it? Flush with the success of the Shaft novels and particularly the 1971 film, creator Ernest Tidyman commissioned veteran comic book artist Don Rico to develop a presentation package to shop around a Shaft comic strip. While their efforts went unsold, there’s no doubt … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Shaft Comic Strip

Tracer Bullet (Calvin & Hobbes)

Created by Bill Watterson "The dame said she had a case. She sounded like a case herself, but I can't choose my clients." -- Tracer Bullet (Calvin) confronts his mom; something about a broken lamp. . TRACER BULLET is simply one of the best spoofs of the hard-boiled eye to hit the comics page since Snoopy dragged … Continue reading Tracer Bullet (Calvin & Hobbes)

See Ya in The Funny Papers

P.I. Spoofs and Callouts in Comics & Cartoons   If Mickey Spillane Wrote NANCY… from MAD Magazine In the Tradition of Hammett, Chandler, Macdonald and Snoopy (Peanuts) by Charles Schultz Arlo, Janis & Spenser Bugs Bunny, Private Eye Private Eye Popeye (1954, Famous Studios) Meat Hamburg (Pogo) by Walt Kelly Tracer Bullet (Calvin & Hobbes) by Bill Watterson  … Continue reading See Ya in The Funny Papers

My Scrapbook: Garfield’s Babes & Bullets Production Cel

My Scrapbook Garfield's Babes & Bullets Production Cel Nothing spectacular, maybe, and I was never a big Garfield fan (sorry, Stephen), but this production cell from the Emmy-winning 1989 animated television special Garfield's Babes and Bullets, wherein Jim Davis' famous feline makes like a private eye, still makes me smile. When it went up for … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Garfield’s Babes & Bullets Production Cel

Secret Agent X-9

Created by Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961) and Alex Raymond (1909-56) Despite being a collaboration between possibly the greatest private eye writer of all time, and one of the all-time great comic strip artists, the action/adventure strip Secret Agent X-9 was always something of a disappointment. The strip was originally conceived by King Features to compete with … Continue reading Secret Agent X-9

Speed Walker

Created by Cris Hammond For some reason, the number of comic strips featuring private eyes have been few and far between. Off the top of my head, there's Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby, his and Hammett's Secret Agent X-9, and the short-lived Mike Hammer strip, but that's about it. But in the eighties, just at the time that newspaper strips … Continue reading Speed Walker