Zach Davies

Created by Josh Lanyon " You can’t just…just pick up and become a PI on a whim.” That’s the “friendly” advice given to CPA turned fledgling private eye ZACH DAVIES, who’s struggling to keep his late father’s struggling detective agency  afloat. That’s a lot of struggling. Of course, it doesn’t help that the advice being given is … Continue reading Zach Davies

Jimmy McSwain

Created by Adam Carpenter Pushing thirty when we first meet him, in Hidden Identity (2014), Hell's Kitchen private investigator JIMMY McSWAIN is still haunted by the unsolved murder of his father, NYPD officer Joseph McSwain -- a shooting he witnessed when he was fourteen. Fourteen years later, he's still working the case... With or without the help … Continue reading Jimmy McSwain

North & Shaw (Borealis Investigations)

Created by Gregory Ashe St. Louis private investigators NORTH McKINNEY and KINGSLEY SHAW WILDER ALDRICH, commonly referred to by readers as simply "North and Shaw," are best friends, who run their own small their agency, Borealis Investigations. They're also both gay, but so far, they're just best friends, in this proposed trilogy from Gregory Ashe, which … Continue reading North & Shaw (Borealis Investigations)

Neil Patrick Rafferty

Created by Josh Lanyon Pseudonym of D.L. Browne "It was always a dame, wasn't it?" That's the opening line in This Rough Magic (2011), a classic bit that wouldn't have been out of place in a Black Mask story 75 years earlier, but of course in Josh Lanyon's books, it's rarely a dame that the … Continue reading Neil Patrick Rafferty

Rory Byrne

Created by C.S. Poe "Dress like a PA. That was an easy enough instruction—if I knew what the hell a PA was." Prickly, workaholic Big Apple private eye RORY BYRNE of Dupin  Private Investigations may not be the most likable guy in town, but he's gained a solid rep over the last twenty years as someone the New York's … Continue reading Rory Byrne