“Shot Back”

By Kieran Shea Featuring Andy Caruthers January 2009 “Surely it's not against the law to take pictures.” Georgia Warren was tall. Middle-hitter-volleyball-tall really, and gorgeous in an untouchable, wealthy sort of way. The words Barbie doll and blonde debutante bubbled to mind. My guess was some southern finishing school like Sweet Briar or Hollins, never … Continue reading “Shot Back”

“The Dybbuk Made Me Do It”

By Sarah Weinman Featuring Stuart Kovacs Fall 2006 Stuart Kovacs stumbled out of the movie theater, wondering how the hell he'd ever get back the two hours he'd just lost. He had a splitting headache and a long drive home. And he knew exactly who to blame. “I can't believe you made me watch that … Continue reading “The Dybbuk Made Me Do It”

“Out of Clay”

By Sarah Weinman Featuring Stuart Kovacs January 2006 Laura plopped the case file on his desk. "I think you'll really like this one, Stuart." "What makes you say that?" She smirked. "Trust me, you'll see." Stuart Kovacs opened the file and started to read, but only got three sentences in before the all-too-familiar feeling took … Continue reading “Out of Clay”

Tom Donovan

Created by David Coleman TOM DONOVAN used to be a cop, working on the historic East Side of Buffalo, NY, until the night he was involved in the deaths of an unarmed man and a Federal agent.  The first book in the series, Rust Belt Redemption (2013), picks up two years later when Donovan is … Continue reading Tom Donovan

Joe Kurtz

Created by Dan Simmons "On the day he was shot in the head, things were going strangely well for Joe Kurtz." -- Hard as Nails  Got hard? Buffalo, New York ex-con private eye JOE KURTZ is the protagonist of a trilogy of acid-etched noirish thrillers by writer Dan Simmons that, despite their bleak worldview, never … Continue reading Joe Kurtz

Peter Salem

Created by Louis Vittes The Mutual radio network aired The Affairs of Peter Salem from New York City from May 1949 to April 1953, but despite this large number of broadcasts, not a single complete episode has apparently survived. Until, that is, November 2003, when a fragment of one episode, the first five minutes of … Continue reading Peter Salem

John Headston

Created by Robert J. Randisi Due to a typo (courtesy of some schmuck charged with painting the name on the door), JOHN HEADSTON ending up running the very successful HEADSTONE DETECTIVE AGENCY for several years, which at its peak, employed twelve people. But those were better days. After a series of legal squabbles with New … Continue reading John Headston

Slam Bradley

Created by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Developed by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel Before there was Mike Hammer, before there was Johnny Dynamite, before there was even Batman, there was... SLAM BRADLEY! He was the original two-fisted, fightin'-mad (and occasionally pipe-sucking) comic book shamus, who slugged his way through the mean streets (of Cleveland, Ohio?) in the … Continue reading Slam Bradley

Sam Acquillo

Created by Chris Knopf At the start of The Last Refuge (2005), the first novel in this tough, brooding new series by Chris Knopf, SAM ACQUILLO is disillusioned, divorced, and working hard on disassociating himself from everything and everybody. He has moved into his deceased parents' ramshackle cottage in Southampton, at the tip of Oak … Continue reading Sam Acquillo

Jack Marconi

Created by Vincent Zandri Now here's a former occupation you don't hear of often for private eyes. When we first meet him, in the rip-snorting, well-praised series debut, As Catch Can (1999), JACK MARCONI is a grieving widower whose nickname is "The Keeper." He earned that monicker from his time as the hard-nosed warden of … Continue reading Jack Marconi