Watching the (Private) Detectives

Rolling Stone Picks 10 Classics

In their January 2023 issue (#1371, for those keeping track), the venerable rock mag served up their top ten television “whodunits,” as a sidebar to an article by their TV critic Alan Sepinwall on the upcoming Poker Face TV show. No real surprises, but judging from the brief but pithy summaries of each show, it’s clear that whoever compiled the list (it’s unsigned, but most likely it’s Sepinwall) knew their stuff. 

I might quibble over some of the choices (as I’m sure many of you will). Naturally, it leans heavily in favour of American-produced shows (hey, it’s an American magazine), and I’m less enamoured of a few of their picks than some might be, but it’s a solid collection of choices, displaying an keen understanding of the genre. 

Here are their choices, listed chronologically, just the way they were presented.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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