“The Dingus” (Part One)

“THE DINGUS” (Part One)

We hope you enjoy this eight-part story arc, featuring Port Nocturne’s Mike Hammer-ish private eye, Red “Rusty” Nales, and the villainous K. Burton Smythe (Boo! Hiss!).

“The Dingus” first saw print in AC Comics’ Femforce #121, which went on sale in November 2003, but it was also presented in weekly installments in the Autumn of 2003, right here, on The Thrilling Detective Web Site, with the permission of the authors Christpher Mills and Joe Staton. And keep an eye peeled—Chris and Joe’s Femme Noir also pops up!

As the lolly-sucking bald guy used to say, “Who loves ya, baby?”


“The Dingus” Part One

“The Dingus” Part Two

“The Dingus” Part Three

“The Dingus Part Four

“The Dingus” Part Five

“The Dingus” Part Six

“The Dingus” Part Seven

“The Dingus” Part Eight

Script, Colors & Letters by Christopher Mills. Pencils & Inks by Joe Staton. Cartoon and logo are copyright © of Christopher Mills & Joe Staton. Presented with permission.

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