West Investigations (Ryan West, Shawn West, James West & Gideon Wright)

Created by K.D. Richards "I'm a PI. I know how to handle myself." -- Shawn West in Missing at Christmas Is this a first for Harlequin? Not just a steamy one-off, but a whole series based around a detective agency? African-American stud RYAN WEST is the hard-nosed top dog at West Investigations, specializing in personal … Continue reading West Investigations (Ryan West, Shawn West, James West & Gideon Wright)

Harlequin’s Secret Shame

Sometimes They Liked It Rough...    Although Harlequin is now known as the publishers of about a zillion pulpy category romance titles, this Canadian publishing dynasty was founded way back in 1949 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Advocate Printers and Doug Weld of Bryant Press, Richard Bonnycastle (who handled production) and Jack Palmer, Canadian distributor of … Continue reading Harlequin’s Secret Shame

Dale Bogard

Created by Dale Bogarde Pseudonym of Douglas Enefer; other pseudonyms include Paul Denver and John Powers (1906-87) Yet another would-be American tough guy by yet another British author with no particular knowledge of the United States, DALE BOGARD was the creation of prolific pulpster Douglas Enefer (one paperback billed him as "the fastest thriller writer … Continue reading Dale Bogard