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This is something new I’m trying out, but it really depends on you. If you’re a private eye writer, and you’ve got something coming out in the next little while, please let me know via email (or DM me,  for you youngsters) and I’ll post the news here. All I ask is that you keep it short, keep it pithy and keep it relevant. I’ve got plenty of thumbtacks.

Also, let me know what you think about this idea…

O’Neil DeNoux
My 6th Lucien Caye novel, The Spy Who Used Me, was just published. I’ve also had an inordinate (for me) amount of private eye short stories published during this pandemic, including “Love Pirate” (September 7, 2020, Black Cat Mystery Magazine #7), “A Dreamboat Gambol” (November-December 2020, AHMM) and “He Who Howls” in The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories.

Sam Wiebe
I’m offering a free online course, Beginning Your Mystery, about finding and developing ideas, and about the work that goes into a mystery novel. We’ll look at the beginnings to several famous mystery novels, discuss finding ideas and developing them, and end with a writing exercise designed to jumpstart your creativity. Beginning Your Mystery stands on its own, and is the first of ten sessions which make up Mystery Writing Mastery, my online course which will be up in April. You can pre-register for it now, and check out Beginning Your Mystery.

M. Ravenal
I’m a new member of the Private Eye Writers of Americ, and I have a new book, The Arrangement, coming out in March. It’s a mystery/suspense story featuring hard-boiled African-American private detective Tootsie Carter, who takes on 1975 New York City armed only with a snub-nosed Colt .38, unmatchable wit, and a pocketful of Tootsie Rolls. It’s the first book of the Plainclothes Tootsie Mystery Series, which is planned for 26 future books.

James Hannah
Not Pl-related, but my noir short story “The Ocean at Their Shoulders,” will be appearing in
issue Rock and a Hard Place #5.

John A. Hoda
I released three, count’em three, crime thrillers in the FBI agent Marsha O’Shea series for
Christmas 2O2O. A prequel, Liberty City Nights is scheduled for the spring.

David Housewright
My 25th novel, What Doesn’t Kill Us, featuring Mac McKenzie, will be published May 25th, 2O21 by St. Martin’s Minotaur. I didn’t think it was possible when I started out to write somany books and not be filthy, stinking rich, but there you are.

Chip Hughes
The audiobook for my fourth Surfing Detective mystery, Murder at Volcano House, featuring P.I. Kai Cooke and read by Scott Ellis, will go on sale early in 2021. Meanwhile, I’m finishing up the sixth volume in his series, this one set on the island of Kaua’i.

Vy Kava
My first self-published novel Seeing the Truth, featuring private eye Jack Hennessey, is now available as an e-book on Amazon. A collection of short stories, Murder on My Mind, is also available as an e-book on Amazon. I was a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America 2020′ 6-word Mystery Contest in the Thriller category. 
Here’s my entry: “House ablaze, husband watched, now single.”

Dennis Palumbo
The collection of new crime stories, Coast to Coast Noir: From Sea to Shining Sea (Down and Out Books) was just named “Best Anthology of 2020” by Suspense Magazine. My original short story “Steel City Blues,” appears in the collection.

A.B. Patterson
I recently published my first collection of short stories: Harry Kenmare, PI: At Your Service. There are seven Harry stories in the collection, three of which were previously published in Switchblade, and the other four are fresh. I also have a non-Pl crime short story, “Childhood’s End,” appearing in the imminent Pink Floyd-inspired crime anthology, Coming Through the Wires.

Gary Phillips
My Lady Gone Missing is a 2l-page online comic, an occult mystery set in 1958 Los Angeles, available exclusively on Aces Weekly. For a mere $9.50 in US bucks (it’s a British site) you can read the first outing of PI Sam Cairo, along with seven other wonderful sequential tales of various genres. Go to the Archives link and scroll down to Week 47.

Joseph Walker
My short story “What They Say I Used To Be,” appears in Hoosier Noir Two from First Books City.

Andrew Welsh-Huggins
My short story, “The Mailman,” appears in Mickey Finn 2lst Century Noir: Vol l. It introduces a new character: a freelance mailman who delivers most anything for a price: information, items, and sometimes even people.


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